Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday Taster #6

Hi and welcome to this week's Thursday Taster!  I am continuing with an excerpt from the second story 'Too Darn Hot' in my new anthology 'Fevered Kisses':

My Excerpt:

As she swam closer Jamie felt his loins stir. Miranda was a beauteous woman with olive skin and shiny, jet black hair which normally hung in soft curls down to her shoulders. Years of dance training, then teaching, had kept her body in shape. Behind her, through the crystal water, her tawny, toned legs pushed outwards and then round in strong, elegant circles. Her buttocks lay just beneath the surface bobbing rhythmically up and down with each measured stroke.
Miranda stopped when she reached Jamie, holding onto the marble lips that formed a hand rail her legs cycling slowly beneath her. Their eyes locked momentarily causing Jamie to brush away thoughts of slipping his hand down the front of her bikini bottoms. Instead he lowered his eyes from Miranda’s to gaze at the soft bob of her small, pert breasts sitting level with the water line.
“You swim beautifully.” he managed.
Miranda smiled briefly before turning to swim back the way she had come, away from Jamie. Suddenly bereft and not wanting her vision to fade from his eyes Jamie pursued her, soon catching up with his much stronger strokes.
As they reached the shallower end of the pool Miranda turned suddenly, putting her arms behind her back and fixing Jamie with an enticing stare.
He hesitated, suddenly cautious and trailed careful eyes over her body above and below the water. The pout, the breasts pushed outwards towards him, the way her legs parted slightly when he stared at them and the slight tremble across her skin barely visible to all but the most attentive eye. He couldn’t be mistaken could he?
Jamie leaned in towards Miranda snaking his arms around her back and brushing his lips softly against hers. Miranda responded with a fire Jamie hadn’t expected. She pulled him closer to her and deepened the kiss. The water splashed upwards around them as they moved closer together, their lips fastened in hungry, searching need.
Lifting her arms up around Jamie’s neck, Miranda snaked curious fingers through his wet curls tugging them and pricking his scalp with her pointed nails. Jamie was suddenly grateful for the slightly oversize swim shorts as his cock uncurled and stood to rigid, expectant attention.
“That feels good.” murmured Miranda, finding his hardness with her buoyant thigh.
“Do you want to go inside?” The urgency in Jamie’s voice was obvious though equally matched in his fevered partner.
“There is no need darling,” she drawled in her sultry upmarket tones, “We’re not overlooked here.”
Jamie noted the tall conifers shielding them from view. He was used to neighbours whose homes overlooked each other but here there were none. Relaxing he pulled her closer, his tongue seeking hers, at the same time he slipped his right hand behind Miranda’s back to undo the strap holding her top in place. He eased the halter neck over her pretty head and was instantly blessed with the alluring sight of Miranda’s pert breasts bobbing on the surface of the clear, cool water.

“Beautiful.” he murmured ducking his head a little to tease and taste the offered buds that hardened into spikes along his tongue.

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  1. You have lovely descriptions. I was able to see everything happening. The water rising up as they came together and hips seeking- fantastic little nuggets.

  2. This scene was very appetizing. You created a very sexual mood without divulging too many specifics. Nice work. I like this reaction in the beginning: "“You swim beautifully.” he managed."

  3. I like the progression in this.

  4. Hot damn! "Miranda responded with a fire Jamie hadn’t expected." I just love the heat hidden in those words. Way to go Gemma!

  5. Such sensual description here. Very sexy ;)

  6. Such sensual descriptions here. Very sexy ;)

  7. Omg Gemma what a lovely erotic post loved reading it . Greetings from Author Jarnail Singh

  8. Very sensual, very tempting. I love the last line; it sent a shiver along the line of my back. Yummy ... xo

  9. Wonderful taster. So sensual. I long to find out more about the sexy Miranda. My attentions are really aroused with this story